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Busy octopus is busy.

You're not an octopus, you're a freelancer!

When you're on your own, you're responsible for everything. Finding and managing clients, doing boring administrative work, and, oh yeah, doing the creative work! Yikes!

Sometimes you have to cut corners and leave things out because doing it all just isn't possible. Can you guess what one of the most neglected pieces of your business is?

Your contract!

(This ambiguous collection of paper with ink blobs is your contract. Imagination!)


Your contract needs your attention because...

  • It helps you limit scope creep and protects you from being overworked.
  • It keeps your clients accountable and on time.
  • It ensures that you get paid, on time, on your terms.
  • It protects your business from deals going bad.

The problem with contracts is that they're tough to write, a pain to get signed, and even worse to keep up to date.

Woe is you! Oh, what to do?


Easy to understand contracts for freelancers like you.

Proper was designed to save you time so you can get back to what matters. Here's how Proper works...

Defining Terms

Defining Terms

The meat of your contract. What are the conditions of your relationship with your client? Who owns the work you produce? What happens if the project is delayed? Do you get paid a kill fee if the client walks early? Answer this here.

Outlining Scope

Outlining Scope

Who is responsible for what and when? What does your client agree to do? What do you agree to do? Outline everything the project will require and avoid doing more work than you're being paid to do.

Setting a Timeline

Setting a Timeline

Keep your project on pace. Agree when you'll meet to discuss the project and when you'll hit major milestones. Stay focused, make room for more gigs, and stop having to answer "when will this be done?"

Clarifying Costs & Payments

Clarifying Costs & Payments

Let your client know every penny they'll need to dedicate to the project. Building a website? How much does hosting cost? How about a domain? How about the cost of your services? And oh yeah, when does the client need to pay you to keep the project moving forward?

Creating a New Template

Templates from Scratch

Templates in Proper work just like regular contracts, except they're reusable. Do a lot of brochure websites that always require hosting and a domain name? Create a template so you don't waste time repeating yourself.

Save as Template

Save Contracts as Templates

Write a contract in Proper that worked out really well? Don't throw it away, just save it as a template. Proper will copy all of your terms, scope, timeline, and costs into a template so you can use them again later.

Proper Templates

Proper Templates (Coming Soon!)

New to writing contracts and not sure where to start? Proper comes with a set of default, freelancer-friendly terms for your project so you can start working with clients immediately without worrying about leaving something out.

Request Signature

Send Your Contract Direct to Clients

Proper makes it easy to get your client's signature. Once your contract is ready, just click "Request Signature" and pop in your client's name and email address. Once you're done, Proper will fire off an email to your client with a link to take them straight to your contract.

Signing Contracts

One Click Signatures

All your clients have to do is click "Sign this Contract" and they're done. Proper uses a unique token system to identify your client so they don't have to fiddle with fake signature boxes (let's be honest, the best you can do is a squiggle).

Client Signatures

Legally Binding Signature

As soon as your client signs, Proper stores their signature in three places: on the original contract, on its own, and bound to a permanent agreement that can't be edited. Signatures are identified by email address, IP address, and a unique token that only gets sent to your client for a 100% legally binding signature.

Step-by-Step Audit Trails

Step-by-Step Audit Trails

Every step of the way Proper logs your contract's activity so you can know who did what and when. Both you and your client can see when something happened to ensure a 100% fair and honest deal.

Signing Contracts

Permanent Agreements

Proper makes sure that no matter what, a copy of the deal between you and your client is always on hand. As soon as your client signs, Proper creates a permanent, locked copy of your contract and stores it for safe keeping.

Client Signatures

Signature Receipts

Once your client has signed, Proper will send both you and your client a signature receipt to confirm the deal. Signature receipts link directly to your permanent agreement so you can access it quickly and easily.

Do yourself a favor and quit wasting time fiddling with contracts.

Here's everything you'll get with Proper...

Made for Freelancers

This isn't catch-all software. It was made specifically for you. Proper is made by a freelancer for freelancers. It speaks your language.

Killer Templates

Build templates from existing contracts, or create templates for specific types of gigs. Easy to update and evolves with you.

Beautiful Contracts

Proper makes you and your business look spectacular. Everything your client interacts with looks great to make the best impression possible.

Client-Friendly Send & Sign

Proper makes it easy for your clients to say "yes!" Just build your contract, request a signature, and watch your clients smile.

Legally Binding Signatures

All signatures are backed by a unique key that glues your client's signature right to your contract. Simple and secure.

256-bit SSL Security

You and your client are safe from prying eyes (except for that pesky NSA). Work safe in the knowledge that your data is sealed tight.

Audit Trails

All contracts come with an audit trail that maps out your document's activity each step of the way. From creation to client signature.

Court Admissible Agreements

Once your client signs, Proper creates a final court admissible version of your contract that Proper always has on-hand.

Email Support

I'm always around to help if you run into any issues. All paid accounts come with email support that you're welcome to use anytime.